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  1. Timely interventions upon customer’s requests for technical assistance

  1. Telephone Customer Service

  1. Training for customer’s operators to operate the machines


S.P. Automation offers a technical assistance service which operates all over Italy and abroad through both telephone customer support and interventions on site.

As a matter of fact, S.P. Automation is able to supply, upon customer’s specific request, timely interventions for any type of automation, with the scope of reducing machine downtimes.

S.P. Automation also supplies a TELEPHONE CUSTOMER SERVICE for immediate interventions, guaranteeing in this manner rapid and efficient results.

By means of suitable telematic support systems, S.P. Automation’s technicians are, as a matter of fact, able to access the plants installed at customers’ sites directly from their office and in this way check the functioning of the plant, diagnose any possible failures, update software programmes and carry out functional modifications to the same programmes.

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