S.P. AUTOMATION srl was established at the beginning of 2004 as the result of the over thirty year experience of its founding partners in the field of automation in leading industrial realities.

The company is composed of a group of electronic and computer experts who, thanks to the different experiences gained in the field of industrial automation, are able to offer customers complete and integrated solutions regarding design, safety and technical documentation.

S.P. Automation’s main target is that of keeping up with technology in order to satisfy the technological requests even of the most demanding customers.

This requires a constant updating of its technical personnel with the scope of a continuous professional growth. From the date of its foundation, the company has gained important experiences in the production of automations for machines and plants characterised both by high complexity levels and high productivity levels.

Una parte dell'attività di S.P. AUTOMATION è anche rivolta al Revamping di macchine dotate di automazioni obsolete, in cui la parte meccanica viene mantenuta e ricondizionata, mentre l'automazione elettrica viene completamente, o in parte, riprogettata.


Electrical Engineering for Industry

Equipment Safety, HW and SW Design

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