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The experience of S.P. Automation in this field began at the end of the ‘90s, thanks to the trust given by one of the main world-wide known Italian companies in the wood working industry. During the years, S.P. Automation has collaborated on an ongoing basis with this company in the realization and handling of designs, as well as turnkey supply of robotised plants for the riveting and assembly of marine plywood crates.

The product obtained is used as insulation cavity for the storage tanks of liquefied natural gas (LNG), transported by LNG carriers.  

In the same field, S.P. Automation has also developed the automation of:

- Automatic dischargers of panel stacks coming from a square edgebander line installed earlier in the process, with management of a transfer shuttle service;

- Special machines for the application of accessories for the assembly of the wooden components.


A few of these designs have also included the supply of machines and working centres for the preparation of semi finished products and of panels to assemble on the robotised lines (panel saws, profiling machines, CNC machining centres, boring machines, etc.), as well as the supply of software for the planning and handling of the production of the entire working cycle.

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