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S.P AUTOMATION has always considered machinery and plant start-up as one of the main and most important activities and can be read as an unmistakeable degree of the goodness of the work carried out during the design stage.

S.P. Automation deals with the machine/plant start-up at installation site regardless of where the industrial companies of its customers are, be it Italy or abroad.

At the end of this stage, company’s personnel supports customer’s operators taking care of their professional preparation through training on the handling and maintenance methods.


The rapid evolution of the technologies applied to the electrical equipment involves ever increasing difficulties in maintaining a plant or a machine reliable and productive even though their mechanical components are still efficient.

For this reason, S.P. Automation is actively positioning itself on the market also with interventions turned towards technical improvement of the machines and plants in use by carrying out automation revamping processes. In this activity, particular attention is given to the improvement of safety.

On the basis of customer specifications, S.P. Automation’s technicians study and implement customised solutions that make it possible to adapt the machinery to new production needs and, sometimes, to integrate them perfectly with complex production plants.


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