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This field represents the core business of the activity carried out by S.P. Automation.

During the years, the company has consolidated a high-level know-how which has made it possible for its technicians to realize state of the art automations, able to support efficient and flexible functioning machineries, complex and with high technological contents but still totally safe, for the operators, from risks arising from the use of the same.

S.P. Automation is able to supply its customers complete services ranging from feasibility studies for the implementation of customer-oriented solutions, to the development of the entire design (HW and SW), from the technical and risk analysis of the machines, to the drawing up of the user and maintenance manual, to the start-up and technical assistance before and after-sales. 


The product lines are mainly the following:

  1. -Lines and plants for cold rolling of steel rounds;

  2. -Multipass lines for rolling and drawing of steel rounds;

  3. -Wet wire drawing machines;

  4. -Machines for the production of low carbon welding wires;

  5. -Electrowelding lines for the production of standard and special lattice girders for the building industry;

  6. -Electrowelding lines for the production of wire mesh for the building industry;

  7. -Start-stop shears for bar cutting-to-length;

  8. -Bar straightening and cutting-to-length lines;

  9. -Combined lines and drawbenches for drawing non-ferrous materials;

  10. -Cooling and bar cutting plants for hot rolling mills;

  11. -Wire rod bundle compacting and tying for rolling mills;

- Auxiliary services for steel plants.

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Equipment Safety, HW and SW Design

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